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Correlation Ventures

VX-Regional Marketing Manager-Jinan



Marketing & Communications
Jinan, Shandong, China
Posted on Friday, November 3, 2023


Participate in organize and implement regional sales strategies and product promotion activities according to the company's central marketing strategy and product strategy, assist sales force to deliver accurate product information, in order to achieve the region’s goals of sales target, product promotion, especially the market access. 根据公司中央市场部的市场策略,销售策略和产品策略,参与制定并组织执行本区域的销售策略和产品推广活动,协助销售团队向客户传递准确的产品信息,以达成本区域的年度整体工作目标,尤其是产品准入目标。

  • Deliver accurate product knowledge through market activities, provide effective support for expand and penetrate the market and achieve the regional sales targets.通过区域市场活动,传递正确的产品知识,为拓展市场和深挖市场潜力以达成区域销售目标提供有效支持。
  • Fully understand the company's central marketing strategy to ensure the proper implementation of the product strategy.
  • 市场部产品策略在团队中的执行。

Understand and analyse regional market information, support sales force to make right decisions promotional activities according to the characteristics of each product, market conditions, customers’ information and competitive product information.了解并分析区域市场信息,根据每个产品的产品特性及市场情况,客户信息,竞争产品信息,支持团队做出正确决策为本区域制定相应的推广活动计划。

  • Allocate territory and promotion activities rationally, ensure the effectiveness of execution by continuous follow up; analyse the rationality of resource utilization and input-output ratio, keep optimizing resource allocation to achieve the maximum utilization of resources.跟进团队的活动执行情况,确保活动的有效性及活动执行率;合理分配辖区资源,分析投入产出比,达到资源的最大化利用。

Support in promotional tool development (DA, gimmicks, slide kits and etc.) propose region specific promotional materials, if appropriate 支持促销工具的开发(DA,创意,幻灯片套件等),制定各区域特定的促销材料(如适用)。 Organize Sales-related activity planning & execution at city/provincial level组织省/市与销售相关活动的策划和执行 Establish long-term and productive relationship with key customers and decision maker, deliver the company's policies and product information efficiently, build a solid and win-win relationship accordingly. Maintain good working relationship with regional KOL and important speaker.注重与关键客户、决策者建立长期和广泛的联系,将公司的公司政策和产品信息有效传达给关键客户,并建立稳固、共赢的合作关系;与区域KOL,重要讲者保持良好的工作关系。 Data analysis to support RM to make and adjust regional plan 通过数据收集及分析以支持RM制定和调整区域计划



  • Bachelor degree or above in sales/marketing/Medical or related field销售,市场,医学或相关领域学士学位以上

Experience & knowledge:

  • At least two years working experience in product management or regional marketing management至少两年以上的区域市场或产品管理工作经验
  • Able to travel frequently domestically based on business request in the requirement.能够根据本岗位业务需求经常出差
  • Familiar with existing medical and biological products regulations and policies熟悉现行的医学和生物学制品法规和政策
  • Have a solid working knowledge of market research, product sales and sales promotion activities对市场调研,产品销售和营销推广活动有扎实的应用经验
  • Able to analyse data, to evaluate promotional/tactical activities and to prepare marketing plans能够分析数据,以评价推广/策略活动和制定市场计划

Core competencies:

  • Excellent communication skills and interpersonal skills, able to deliver reports, to make public presentations and to deal with opinion leaders, the sales force and Management Team;良好的沟通技巧和人际交往能力,能够完成报告,做公开演讲,与KOL、销售团队和管理团队有效沟通;
  • Good analytical skills and effective problem solving skills具备良好的分析问题和解决问题的能力
  • Good knowledge of computer software良好的计算机软件知识
  • Good English – oral and written. 具备良好的英语口语和书面能力。

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