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Customer Engagement Lead



Customer Service
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Posted on Saturday, June 29, 2024

Customer Engagement Lead

  • Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Job type: Full time

About the job

Sanofi is implementing an ambitious plan complementing Play to Win Strategy with 3 main objectives (I) keep Fuelling our pipeline (II) make Sanofi a modern science driven healthcare company (III) serving our patients.

In this context, Sanofi made the decision to evolve its commercial model from GBU-specific country organisations to a more standardized and consistent approach, boosting efficiency.

The focus will be on (I) Key Markets and most innovative products as major drivers for growth and (II) a cross-GBUs efficiency model with optimized country set-up.

Our Team

The Customer Engagement Lead role is designed to focus exclusively on customer engagement at the country level. This role assumes paramount importance in directly engaging with customers, understanding their needs and preferences, and driving strategies that enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Customer Strategic Focus: Lead the development of a customer-centric strategic focus that aligns with overall business objectives, identifying key opportunities to enhance engagement and satisfaction.
    • Customer Persona Development: Craft detailed customer personas based on robust data and insights, enabling the team to deeply understand the motivations, challenges, and behaviors of different customer segments.
    • Customer Journey Mapping: Map out comprehensive customer journeys for each persona, identifying key touchpoints and opportunities to engage and add value
    • Customer Engagement Plan: Design and implement a strategic customer engagement plan that leverages identified personas and journey insights with detail specific activities, channels, and messages tailored to engage each segment effectively, driving meaningful interactions and building strong relationships
  • Go-to-Market
    • Channel Assessment & Choices: Conduct thorough assessments of available go-to-market channels, evaluating their effectiveness in reaching target customer segments. Make strategic choices about which channels to prioritize based on alignmenet with customer preferences and behaviors, ensuring efficient and impactful reach
    • Call Plan by Channel: Develop detailed call plans for each chosen channel, outlining the frequency, messaging and objectives of interactions. This planning ensures that all customer communications are consistent, personalized, and strategically timed to optimize engagement and response rates
  • Glocal Context Elaboration: Articulate a “glocal” strategy that balances global brand strategies with local market nuances. This involves adapting global engagement initiatives to fit local customer preferences and regulatory environments, ensuring strategies are both globally aligned and locally resonant.

Main responsibilities

Lead and execute innovative customer engagement strategies within the assigned geography/country, prioritizing direct interactions with customers. The role aims to embody and advocate for a “Customer First” philosophy, ensuring that all engagement initiatives are deeply aligned with customer needs, thereby driving satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Customer Engagement Strategy: Develop and implement a comprehensive customer engagement strategy that prioritizes direct, meaningful interactions, leveraging insights to drive engagement and satisfaction
    • Design customer journeys: Ensure the personalization of customer interactions & content across channels
    • Analyze touchpoints across the customer journey: Leverage data to understand individual preferences and tailor the customer experience, ensuring a more personalized and relevant engagement
    • Content Strategy Plan: Develop the adapted content, on a glocal manner, in respect of the regulatory frame & in coordination with the dedicated partner functions (medical, regulatory...)
    • Collaboration with Brand Leads: Work closely with Brand Leads to ensure that engagement strategies complement and amplify brand strategies, align with the overall objectives
  • Omni-Channel Engagement: Utilize an omni-channel approach to engage customers across multiple platforms, ensuring consistency and personalization in all communications to meet customers where they are.
    • Map out the entire customer journey, identifying touchpoints across various channels.
    • Analyze how customers interact with the brand at each touchpoint and work to optimize these interactions for a seamless and positive experience.
  • Customer Insight and Analysis:
    • Collect customer feedback and insights to identify areas for improvement
    • Enhance customer satisfaction, loyalty, and overall experience by addressing pain points and meeting customer expectations
  • Cross-Functional Leadership: Lead the customer engagement with a strong “Customer First” ethos, empowering team members to innovate and excel in their engagement initiatives
    • Work in close cooperation with the salesforce optimizing processes and systems to ensure a seamless and positive customer journey
    • Ensure that employees understand and deliver a positive customer experience is a key aspect of CX roles. This involves training employees to meet customer expectations and handle various customer interactions effectively
    • Work in Agile when possible with the transversal team when possible, with an innovation mindset

About you


  • Customer Engagement Strategy Execution: Proven track record of developing and implementing successful customer engagement strategies that have significantly improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Experience in Customer Engagement: Proven experience in Leading customer engagement or relationship management initiatives, preferably within the healthcare or pharmaceutical sector. This includes a track record of delivering exceptional customer experiences and a deep understanding of customer engagement channels and tools.
  • Digital Transformation Initiatives: Hands-on experience in leading digital transformation projects, specifically those enhancing customer engagement through AI and data analytics.
  • Agile Project Leadership: Demonstrated ability to manage projects using Agile methodologies, effectively leading cross-functional teams and adapting strategies in a dynamic, fast-paced environment.
  • Regulatory compliance: Experience ensuring all customer engagement activities comply with local regulations and ethical standards, particularly in the pharmaceutical or healthcare industry.
  • Customer knowledge: Understanding HCPs preferred experiences. Deep knowledge of key clients & the end-to-end customer journey. CX professionals need to identify and map out the various touchpoints and interactions customers have with the company, from initial awareness to post-purchase support.
  • Knowledge and experience of innovative methodologies such as scrum, lean start up, nudge and design thinking. Out of the box thinker, always searching for new opportunities

Soft skills:

  • Strategic and Analytical Thinking: Ability to leverage insights and data to develop and execute effective customer engagement strategies
  • Leadership in a Customer Centric Environment: Demonstrated ability to lead by example, fostering a “Customer First” culture within the team and across the organization
  • Customer-Centric Mindset: A deep commitment to understanding and prioritizing the customer’s needs and preferences. Demonstrated experience in implementing strategies that enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty is essential.
  • Adapability and Creativity: Flexibility to adapt strategies in real-time based on customer feedback and market changes, and creativity in finding new ways to engage and delight customers
  • Collaborative skills: Strong collaborative skills to work effectively with Brand Leads and cross-functional teams, ensuring alignmenet between customer engagement and brand strategies.
  • Ability and mindset to adapt to new ways of working such as Agile. Leveraging Agile methodologies for cross-team project and initiatives.
  • Role model of PTW behaviours.

Technical skills:

  • Proficiency in digital engagement tools and platforms, with a strong understanding of how AI can be applied to enhance customer interactions and personalize communication.

Education: Bachelor’s degree in marketing, Business Administration, or any related field

Languages: Spanish and Intermediate English Proficiency

Why choose us?

  • Bring the miracles of science to life alongside a supportive, future-focused team
  • Discover endless opportunities to grow your talent and drive your career, whether it’s through a promotion or lateral move, at home or internationally
  • Enjoy a thoughtful, well-crafted rewards package that recognizes your contribution and amplifies your impact.
  • Take good care of yourself and your family, with a wide range of health and wellbeing benefits including high-quality healthcare, prevention, and wellness programs and at least 14 weeks’ gender-neutral parental leave.

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Pursue progress, discover extraordinary

Better is out there. Better medications, better outcomes, better science. But progress doesn’t happen without people – people from different backgrounds, in different locations, doing different roles, all united by one thing: a desire to make miracles happen. So, let’s be those people.

At Sanofi, we provide equal opportunities to all regardless of race, colour, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital status, ability or gender identity.

Watch our ALL IN video and check out our Diversity Equity and Inclusion actions at!